Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Playing a new game: "hit the buoy"

Last time that Cynthia departed, we both hitched a ride from Coral Bay to the ferry at Cruz Bay and had a great chat with Danielle, a NYC escapee enjoying the low-key and friendly island life. We all hit it off and Cynthia (a truly wonderful gal!) encouraged her to go sailing with me. So, she has been out sailing once, working to learn better how to handle a boat with competence.... and a bit surprised that I have NO working engine.

Her good friend came to visit, bringing her boys, 6 and 9, and she wondered if I could take them out.


I like kids, being one myself, but.... had heard that these kids might not be outdoorsy, critter-seeking, clam digging sorts... and wondered if they would be bored.... especially since the winds were forecast to be under 10 knots. And nothing can ruin a day like unhappy, bored, seasick kids. They had not learned to snorkel and probably would get sick if we went out into the serious waves... and steering a big boat, admittedly, can be frustrating and boring, often at the same time. What to do?

Ideaphoria struck: we could go to the barrier reef/beach at Johnson Bay, a short sail in fairly smooth water. They could feed (or at least find) hermit crabs. Maybe we could find interesting flotsam there, like a big bundle of rope. And, even better: I've been looking for a good way to improve my mooring skills, so had pulled out a spare mooring pick-up buoy, figuring I could toss it out in the open water and practice with no other boats around. The kids might find mooring practice tedious, but what boy would not like to run over things? How about a game of "Hit the buoy"?

Well, the kids seemed to enjoy the sail and the new game with hardly any "motion discomfort", the gals got a chance to have some fun snorkeling briefly at Johnson Bay, Dash brought home a half coconut shell (I found the coconut under the palm the day before) to use as a cup, we all visited the hermit crabs,

Dash made a booby on a buoy very nervous as we returned to the harbor,

and I carried the youngest, Henry, on my shoulders as we went to dinner afterward.

A good day. Put enough of these together and one has a good life....


  1. Thank your for the stories Dustin, you always bring joy to my day.

  2. So sweet. I love your gentle story of nice kids and good times.