Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finishing up my drawers

Before I met Cynthia, I made all the parts for new drawers on Dorado (link), then brought them (with her help) back to Boston and checked them as baggage. Almost all the drawers were finished in the next couple weeks... except for the one drawer I use as much as all the others together, the silverware drawer. That one has been sitting, partially assembled, waiting for me to mate the face of the old drawer with the increasingly battered and stained new body.

Finally, with a fresh gallon of epoxy on board, I've been finishing up some projects. Here is the old drawer and new body,

a rotten corner from a long gone leak, 

and the shiny, new, slightly larger drawer. (Yes, that IS epoxy poured into the bottom of the drawer, so should be very tough and long-lasting).

There IS a certain satisfaction in carpentry, in a job well done.

And there is history: I cut this wood on an ancient cast-iron table saw that my dad used to make kitchen cabinets in our house in Glendale, OH; the same saw I used to make a centrifugal honey extractor that I spun with a egg-beater drill, the same saw Kenneth used to make a wonderful rowboat in our basement.

Well, that's all for this post. Next will be one about some friends I took out sailing yesterday to play "hit the buoy!"...


  1. Nice! I should have you work on our kitchen drawers :)

    1. Slightly tempting: too bad you live so far away.

      Maybe you and Paul should come down here for a sail and we could discuss it.. *grin*

  2. Oh, my goodness! Mike and I are having someone build 2 shelves of plywood for us in the kitchen. We need the storage space so I'm very excited about the "project". We're headed to Home Depot to by some wood now that I have the measurements. Wish you were here. Please come stay with us in NYC so we can take advantage of you and Cynthia!