Thursday, February 18, 2016

A fight to the death and a tasty brunch.

I've been doing a lot of diving in the last few days, since I ran away from home. Ran away? Well, sailed: I found I could not bear being on my mooring in the crowded Coral Bay harbor any more, so raised sail and moved to Johnson Bay for the night. The next morning I dropped that mooring as soon as I could see and headed for Rams Head, catching a mooring as the sun rose,
 then slipped into the water to seek lionfish.

Well, I found NO lionfish, but came across a large, hungry spiny lobster. I extended a hand and it eagerly moved toward the fresh meat, so I withdrew to get my thick dive glove from the kayak above me, took several deep breaths, then dove back down to engage.

The lobster moved to my hand, clasping it firmly between its two strong, spiny antennae.... but seemed quite taken aback when I grabbed one of them. It snapped its tail furiously to escape and the antenna broke like a brittle old branch. I grabbed the other, trying to grasp closer to the head, but things repeated. I reached in after it and it flicked its tail and shot off like a crayfish... and I pursued. After about three minutes of hide and seek, I pinned and secured it. It grasped my hand and arm tightly with its remaining legs and I brought it to the kayak and back to the sailboat... and invited it to brunch. Tasty, but very different from our Cape Cod lobsters. I have some ideas for experiments that may improve the taste.

These lobsters are really beautiful. I love the coloring of the underside of the body, and especially under the tail.

After breakfast, I sailed into Salt Pond and caught a mooring. The Bay and beach were so crowded with swimmers, snorkelers, and beach folks that I almost set out again, but decided to relax.... and, after about ten minutes, heard “lionfish” in an excited conversation between snorkelers. Interest perked, I snagged my gear, headed over, and managed to get the wily little devil. Happiness! At sunset, I sailed back to Johnson Bay.

This morning, I set out again, this time for Hansen Bay. I dived on the deep reef, sometimes finding the surface a surprising distance above me... up and up and up and up! I spotted one lionfish so deep that I could not hold my breath long enough to stalk it: probably near 40' deep. Still, I came home with three more lions... and felt completely tired and ready to nap. Another good morning!

Now I'm back on my mooring in Coral Bay. Tomorrow I will probably go hiking and hunting at Brown Bay, maybe even start from Haulover and make it a nice 3-mile swim! Right now, I am well fed and completely ready to sleep. Goodnight, all!


  1. Lovely life. Good exciting lobster hunt.

  2. You're a great storyteller Dustin. I always feel like I am practically there in your adventures.