Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunrise sailing (written November 1)

Four of the last five days the water lay flat and mosquitoes and midges visited me in the night..... so, why not spend Thursday night at Flanagan Island? I began sailing at 8am, got to Flanagan in short order, swam, relaxed...... and thought "maybe I should sail around St John..." Five minutes later, the boat pulled away from the anchorage and headed south. Wimpy wind kept speeds low and I turned back just before I reached the west end of the island, heading for a peaceful night at Flanagan. My anchor dropped below the surface just after the sun.
I don't want to say much about the night, except that the wind increased rather than died and sleep visited only for brief moments. But by gray dawn the wind had died and I shook out the reef I had tied in the night and set out. Incredible sunrise behind me, warm wind moving me along..... very nice. I'm sure the camera did not do it justice, but this is what I caught....

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