Monday, November 3, 2014

Lights out..... and the water lights up! Sorry, no photos :(

I woke this morning at my usual time (2:30) and noticed darkness and flashes of light. I looked about and the constellation of houses on the hills and the sodium vapor beacons spreading their yellow light across the harbor were gone, replaced by perhaps twenty lights in toto, lightning flashing in retreat over the western hills. The normally bright harbor enjoyed unaccustomed darkness and the stars shone above.... and sparks of living light flashed in the water. I turned the boat for better breeze, shifting the mooring line to a stern cleat, and saw the flashing created by the moving line. I shook it and the shock created a diffuse rod of light that lead into the depths. I splashed water and sparks tumbled across the surface. Best I've ever seen.

Then I lay on the deck for a bit, watching the sky and feeling the caress of the breeze. A bright meteor flashed.  Clouds built up and occluded the stars. A few drops fell and the wind began to rise, so I flipped the boat end for end again and went inside to listen to the rain.

And, after an hour or so, the lights came back on. And the roosters began crowing: the locals complain that the roosters crow all night and now I think we know a large reason.

I wonder if we could get the lights turned off now and then, even just for an hour? Probably not, we may just need to enjoy the darkness when it comes. May all of you get the chance to experience dark skies and glowing waters.

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