Monday, November 10, 2014

Rain, rain, rain, and bananas

Friday it rained frequently and I filled my tanks, buckets, pots, and jugs. Saturday it simply rained and thundered. The usual clouds sail in from the south-east and sweep curtains of rain across us for five to fifteen minutes, leaving us with rainbows,

This storm spread across the entire radar map and sprinkled, showered, poured, and soaked the region while blowing lightly from the north. Tendrils of brown runoff carrying debris from land intruded into the green harbor waters, then spread and merged until the entire harbor looked like milk chocolate. And still it rained.

 My nice tight boat eventually leaked and I spread towels to catch the drips, wringing out the rags in the worst spots at a couple port lights. Reading and sleeping and laundry and having a space in the cockpit covered with a sail/tent kept me sane.... well, from becoming much less sane.... but I felt great relief at finding no rain this morning, at seeing the clouds part and sunshine break through, at having the chance to dry out everything. Instead, the wind rose and blew and blew and blew, but that (and recovering things that the wind stole) is another story.
More rain forecast after noon today! Let's see if I can go walking and exercise before it hits.

In other news, I found a couple coconuts dropped on the road by the wind and someone took a whole bunch of bananas to the dumpster, so I snagged a nice big hand and they tasted excellent after a few days.

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