Friday, April 22, 2016


I know I've been away a while, but things have been busy. Just after my last post, my computer had a couple little issues that I thought I could solve. One thing lead to another, I took days running repair programs, reinstalling windows, etc.... and finally the computer would not even boot to the bios, would not even respond to the power button. At this point, I pronounced it dead. Fortunately, I had managed to get it running briefly during the repairs and had done a full copy of all my data (I hope) to a backup drive, so I bought a new computer and loaded it up. The whole thing wasted about three days... and I am STILL installing some of the programs I need and adjusting things. *sigh*

Mostly I prefer nature, sailing, & outdoor adventure to culture, people, and other human-centered madness, but both Cynthia and I love Culebra and the main town there. At the entrance of the canal that cuts through from the ferry terminal to the main harbor is a breakwater and on that breakwater stands... or, more accurately, sits,... this wonderful sculpture.

Then there is the town itself. So many places we see in St John and St Thomas seem ramshackle, decrepit, dirty, and trash-filled. This little town, on the other hand, seems filled with joyful and colorful expression.

If you absolutely MUST leave your boat and step onto dry land (*shudder*), one could do far worse.