Sunday, March 27, 2016

Underwater adventures!

Cynthia bought an inexpensive underwater camera. It boasts many really, really annoying features such as inability to recall dates if one replaces the batteries, short battery life, focus issues, and image numbering issues. Still, my gal spends HOURS taking shots with it, hoping that one in ten will be decent. She loves taking shots of all the interesting critters and, especially, shots of new fish. Later, she pages through her books to find names... and then we TRY to remember them. At least we are getting decent at saying "well, that is a filefish", but we wonder what kind, then look it up, and try to remember it.

It definitely adds another dimension to diving to be able to identify various species. So many!
A blue-headed wrasse..
And a little school of copper sweepers (I think they look more natural upside-down).
And what sort of remora is that on that sleeping nurse shark?
 Maybe if she gets about a foot away and takes more pics..."
We both agree that lionfish are just beautiful and that we should get more pics of them alive...and then "remove" them... but we only have this one to date.
And an octopus can move fast and blend in nearly perfectly..
But, if you keep coming closer, they often panic and try other patterns that don't camouflage at ALL! And they hate it when you pet them.
So very many fish and other creatures to learn: baracudas,
feather duster worms, I LOVE the way they instantly disappear down their tubes like the ones in Avatar!
so many weird fish!

And shellfish (these are scallops)..

Eels (some sort of moray)

At least we can identify the blue tangs (aka "Dora"),
But what sort of pufferfish is this?
Hawksbill turtle? Green?.

It really feels like learning a whole new language. FUN!

Of course, now Cynthia really needs a nicer camera..


  1. Lovely pics but how did you get the eel to smile for his photo-op?

    1. They ALWAYS smile... although not a very friendly smile.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Good for Cynthia. Love the octopus especially. And that turtle!

  3. Beautiful! I'm forwarding on to Flynno.

  4. Wow - wish I was down there with you guys! Great photos worthy of framing, each and every one!

    1. Well, next winter will come! If and yours come to visit when I'm available, I'd love to see you again!