Friday, July 18, 2014

June 2, 2014: back in the heat and humidity...

Well, I'm back in Coral Bay and, much to my dismay, Comedy Central has blocked Colbert from streaming here. Grumble....but there are worse things than that mosquito bite. And, should I really need my fix, I can always find a file sharing site.

Also, the air is not nearly as clear as it used to be in fall/winter. According to Alan, this is because of Sahara dust, something that also diminishes hurricanes (I'm not sure I believe this). I DO know it diminishes sunsets (not a single good one yet) and starry skies, but they still beat most places in the 48 states.
 So many people are leaving, going to Montana or Alaska or other cold winter places. There are exceptions: many stay and Heather, the gal at Connections (Post office, etc), is off to Thailand for six months....or more.

Still, it is quite nice here. The sun has set and I am quite comfortable in shorts and no shirt. The trick during the warmest bits of the day is to swim until chilly (this can take a while), then sail or sleep...or soak a shirt with water and relax in the shade with a good book or some online shopping. I particularly enjoy sailing at the edges of the day, when the sun is just below or above the horizon and not so intense.
I've found bivalve shellfish shaped like mittens(atlantic winged oysters) and am wondering if any shellfish here are toxic. I've heard that toxicity is associated with luminescence and saw wonderfully glowing water near Vi's Beach a couple nights ago..... once, 4 hrs of sailing every day, lots of snorkeling, 3 drinks and lots of laughs in 3.5 days. Not too bad, even with a Pandora's Box of items on my to-do list. Tomorrow I get to mess with my waste tank!!! Not fun, but I am REALLY looking forward to putting that on my "done list".

Well, goodnight, y'all!

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