Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 1, 2014: Leaving my boat and heading to Cape Cod

Tomorrow at 1:30ish I fly out of St Thomas and head due north, although there is a bit of a jog to land in NYC. I made my last sail this morning, pulled off my sails, pulled up my chain and found it worn (should have done this before!). I spent a couple hours using heavy chain making sure the mooring is fairly solid for the high winds that occur this time of year. I believe my mooring is an old engine block with a ring welded or bolted to it, but it is mostly buried and hard to see. Will cross fingers.....and, perhaps, when I return I will put in a much better mooring using chain and anchors.
Mixed feelings: eager to see friends and family on Cape Cod and to enjoy the wonderful foraging there, but not at all happy about leaving my tiny house, my sailing home. Well, life is a game of choices and we can either enjoy the upsides of the choices we make or fret about what we  do not choose, but still want. Heck, one COULD enjoy looking at all the wonderful things one could have with each of the different choices  and relish the wealth of opportunity...
In a favorite Pratchett book the main character's little brother screams inconsolably if there are too many sweets as he knows he can never encompass them all. I would prefer to think I am not like that..

So, what do I appreciate? Wonderful wind, opportunities to sail,
sargassum seaweed,
 and random beauty like the pattern of lentils, peas, and rice in my pan. I measured these into a cup, then upended it into the pan, then did a double-take and reached for my camera...

Well, this is me in Coral Bay, signing off!

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