Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here is one I sent out on Dec 8, 2013:

About two weeks ago this Monday, I returned to Cape Cod. Cold! There was even ice on the Mill Pond and slush had been blown into piles along the shore. Brown grass, leafless trees, gray skies, lots of wind....brrr!

So, I did what I needed to do (and enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving with my aunt, my cousin, and her husband), then hopped onto Jet Blue on Monday night (well, Tuesday morning once one includes the lengthy delay) after hanging out with my good friend Seth for the evening. By 9:00am I breathed the air of St Thomas, but the friendly wind tousling my hair had gone missing. For a few days the skies mostly stayed gray, the winds low and intermittent, and the air sat heavy and humid. NOT what I looked for! And, although I had expected my water tank to be full, the loose cap had excluded all but a few gallons.
Since then, we've had much more rain and ridiculous winds going from near still to 30mph in five minutes. The rain has filled both my tanks so I can shower and wash to my heart's content. And my package of caulking and hardware for repairing the boat arrived! And I have enjoyed hanging out with my neighbor Peter (in his floating bar/home (Angel's Rest)) and watching 4' tarpon swirling and displaying at night in his lighted moon pool. And Pickles sponsored a big bash yesterday where a bunch of folks set up a flea market and I enjoyed some darned good beer and a nice chat with the various brewers....and with the sailor who brought them and their cargo over from St Croix when the official transportation folks refused. Great fun!
Oh....and I finished cleaning the boat hull, scraping it with a stainless steel taping knife to remove the half-inch of algae, corals, crabs, shrimp, etc. An entire ecology has been destroyed! *grin*

I've also been a bit down, seeming to dive into books at any excuse rather than repairing the boat. And when I DO repair something, I find more problems (like decay or leaking in another area). I go for fixing things perfectly and completely, ripping the boat apart in the process and spending months or years, or is there a happy medium that will let things dry out, slow and stop further decay, and give me a nice, dry, comfortable, clean, and happy place to live....and a boat to sail where I will (as long as I limit myself to easy/moderate conditions)?

I kind of like the second option... so I have ripped apart the kitchen counter and sink (it was always leaking) and re-installed it in a nice bed of horrible caulking which should hold things in place far more securely. And I've re-bedded the drain in the anchor locker, the hatch that leaked into the middle of the main room, and have put tape over various random holes.
 Progress is being made....and I hope we finish with this gray and windy stuff soon: it is getting really old.

But I still enjoy the sunrises...especially a sunrise storm......

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