Thursday, August 10, 2017

No sunrises? How about sunsets....

One thing that delights me on Cape Cod is my sunrise walks. I walk past the cars parked at the lighthouse, filled with people watching the rosy skies with a cup of coffee forgotten in their hands, down the stairs and across the dew-soaked sands, to the lapping waters. The salty scent, the building breeze, the cries of the hungry gulls... these wake me and stir me to life like an invigorating massage to my soul. The rosy light brings a magic to the shores and the early hour means that they are nearly all mine.

And, if I get warm, I can take a quick dip in waters where I KNOW I am not the top of the food chain. I MISS this!

What to do? The family cottage here does provide a nice sunrise...
but no good walk unless I wake early enough to get across the lake to the public side. This may be possible... I'll need to try it next time we are there.

How about sunsets? We live about a mile from Lake Michigan... so I've been walking there most evenings for this last week, in time to see some sunset,

pet some dogs, chat with dog owners, take a quick swim that leaves me delighted, and then drip my way home. Not the same, but pretty darned nice.... and I don't need to worry about salt getting onto my shoes,  phone, and camera!


  1. looks very pretty Skip - but what about clams? ;)

    1. No clams. :(

      But there is a line of boats along shore: people catching salmon like boats line up to catch striped bass in Chatham! Possibilities!

  2. Lovely. You appreciate every moment.