Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lions and adventure vs real life

I miss my lass.

Cynthia's last visit down here worked pretty well: we came down together and didn't sail far afield (staying on the north and east side of St John rather than going to Culebra, Vieques, St Croix, or the British Virgin Islands), but we read reports of lion sightings and hunted them down, studied satellite views and found a couple new reefs in Coral Bay (including one no one had apparently hunted), added twenty more lions to her kill list (including three massive breeders (possibly her largest) from the virgin reef (two 14.5" fish on the first hunt, one on the second)

and her smallest lionfish ever).
Great food, lots of sleep, loads of swimming and sailing,
cool enough to cuddle at night, sunrises,
enough sunshine to recharge us from the northern winter....... and very limited internet and email.

Now she is back in the frozen north, dealing with real life and I'm getting the engine working, sewing sails, pulling the boat out at the boatyard (if I can get them to respond!) to handle replacing a cutless bearing, dealing with minor leaks, and applying on some bottom paint. Then there is the leaking kayak and other stuff. Satisfying work and I DO love those sunrises (let's see, the next one is in less than three hours!), but... I miss having Cynthia here to share it.


  1. Hi Dustin,

    How great that Cynthia can come down fairly often. Is she in business for herself to get that freedom? Thanks for the updates. Very interesting. Glenn and Jana

  2. She is a hospitalist/pediatrician and works like heck to get in her hours so she can take about a quarter of her time down here with me. Works pretty well...

  3. Yikes those lion fish. You guys must be doing the iceanna lot of good. Impressive couple!

    1. Thanks. Studies (and our observations) have shown that the fish populations on the hunted reefs recover pretty well, even if we don't manage to get rid of all the lions. Very satisfying to see lots of beautiful little fish...