Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cape Cod, just in time for Jonas!

I'm back on Cape until Feb 4th: it was my turn to travel a couple thousand miles.... and things were too danged busy for Cynthia to make another trip down south to visit me so soon.

Fair is fair, so I'm not down there.
Let's be clear: for now I'm here.

Let's see.... a few days before Jonas (the big blizzard), we insulated Cynthia's ceiling with a large amount of cellulose after first wrapping both her potentially hot metal chimney and the furnace flue with fireproof mineral wool insulation. She worked on feeding the blower machine with the bales of insulation (over 1500 lbs!) while I handled the hose and laid down a foot deep blanket in the attic. Quite satisfying... and the first time I have used the stuff. I can see doing it again, but it would be a terrible job to do often. And I didn't get any good photos, but you can certainly find good videos of folks blowing cellulose insulation online.

Whipping winds made walking miserable, but we still managed to take a couple walks before the snow, and we walked today in the intertidal zone in Barnstable, where the beach had been naturally cleared of snow. The two Jack Russel Terriers we were caring for (in addition to Cynthia's two little black dogs) loved it.

A couple days after the storm, we played in the yard and made a snow fort. Too bad no one would challenge us to a fight... but at least I got some sunshine!

My toes are cold. *sigh*... now I remember why a boat in St John seemed so appealing. I SUPPOSE I could put on warmer socks.

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  1. You two are amazing! I would love to see what blowing that insulation looked like. I'll check out video but it won't be the same as your beefcake fort-building. You both look great surfing the snow on the beach. That dog is cute. We loved the blizzard in NYC.