Saturday, September 12, 2015

I love the intertidal zone!

Given that Lubec has tides as high as twenty-eight feet, huge areas get exposed. Some of these are mud, but most are gravel and sand. The distance from the cottage to the water can be as little as a couple hundred yards... or nearly a mile, depending on the tide. So, on day two, Cynthia and I drove out onto the wet gravel, following the tracks of other cars that clam diggers had driven. We parked a half mile out and dug clams using a spoon, an empty hummus container, and a sharp rock. Not the most effective method, but we still came up with a gallon or two of nice steamer clams. We also found wonderful large sea worms beloved by fishermen (the largest we had ever seen), masses of tiny red and white threadlike worms, eels under rocks, a big stranded jellyfish,
and reefs of blue mussels.
Cool stuff!

After making an anniversary lunch for my folks (rare grilled steak tips sliced thin on a green salad) and taking a nap, Cynthia and I decided to drive my folks far out on the flats for sunset. We opened littlenecks, packed wine, cheese, crackers, etc, and ambushed them when they returned from town.

I think they enjoyed the day as much as we did!


  1. I love the spoon, hummus container, rock story! And what a wonderful anniversary celebration for one of my favorite long term couples. :)