Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cape Cod critters!

Around the end of June the toads change from tadpoles into tiny little toads and scatter across the landscape, but for a week or so hordes of the little hopping creatures infest the lawn. VERY cute! Maya helped me photograph a couple...

I love to come here in early May to see the forests just becoming green, so different from the dense green of summer. This year, however, there are areas where the trees are just as bare today as May 1: the gypsy moths have returned in force. Cute little creatures, but destructive as heck.

Cynthia and I swam in Hathaway Pond and I spotted some turtles, chased them with mask and snorkel until I caught up to them as they went to ground on the bottom (they gave up shortly before I had to surface) and brought them ashore. Lucy found them fascinating!

Finally, this creature seemed to enjoy relaxing in the back yard at my folks' place. We watched it for about ten minutes while it drowsed, watched us, yawned, stretched, drowsed some more, and finally wandered off.

Although there are many many more, this is enough for now. Maybe next time I'll talk about fish or birds....

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