Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dorados are following me, sunrise walk on south (lighthouse) beach

The cottage/house my folks rent in Lubec seems like a mix of new and old, with the nice big beams holding up the highly individual second-floor joists contrasting with the thick modern insulated windows, but the shed I slept in seemed free of such duality. Old, rough, stained planks of the floor fit well with the rough studs and the exposed back of the plank siding... fitting perfectly with the similar roof framing and sheathing and old windows. An easel or two, an old work bench, and various paintings on the wall made it into a rough and rustic artist's studio: no plumbing, no pretensions, no heat.... but lots of peace, simplicity, light, and view. And, looking up in the morning, I saw a 4'-long plank, carved and painted in a familiar pattern: the same as the Dorado pillow that greeted me when I first entered the cabin of my boat, Dorado. Who would have thought to find this subtropical fish imaged on the shore of the Bay of Fundy?

About a week ago I walked down to the beach in dim morning and walked along it to the south cut as the sun rose. Fishing boats headed out on their daily commute as I began.

Windy, some clouds, sub-60 temperatures...warm clothes and good shoes seemed the way to go.... but, by the time I reached the cut, the sun shone over the cloud bank and the beach and a moon snail I found were all beautifully lit.

 Exercise had warmed my core and sought an exit, so I pulled off the warm layers that now felt like excess and walked out and swam (briefly!) through the cold glassy waves over the shoals. Ah! (Or was it more like "AHHHHH!!!"?)

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