Sunday, May 4, 2014

Feb 8, 2014: shells, view from on high, first fish

Well, it has been an interesting, productive, enjoyable, and depressed week.I've been off twice with Peter in Angel's Rest, his house/boat/bar, to take out some friends and do some business. I go along to sight-see, snorkel, and chat. This last time I came across a turtle with two remoras the length of the entire turtle: one latched on top and the other swimming below. I swam alongside for about a hundred yards until it finally realized I was trying to herd it and cut across in front of me. Very cool.

I climbed the mast (with Peter's help) to check on just why the jib furler is giving trouble. Got some nice sunrise pics from up there and found that the furler needs work....or replacement.
I FINALLY got around to rebuilding some of the cabinetry in my kitchen. This is pleasing.

The local diver, Dick, finally came by yesterday and dove for the CQR anchor the previous owners said was down there....and it is now hanging from the side of my boat, shedding sand and mud from the chain and line. Well worth the $50 to have a second anchor!

I washed a couple covers for my cushions at the dinette and, while they are far from perfect, they are much improved.

I caught my first fish (a snapper) and found my first legal-sized conch! Too bad it is not conch season....but Peter has some nice shells. I also caught some nice pen shells, but could not bring myself to eat them, so just used them for bait.

All good stuff....but I also find myself overwhelmed with the list of things I want/need to do if I am going to make this boat a solid and safe craft for long distance work. The list is overwhelming at times and I really dislike cost and uncertainty!

Over a drink last night, Peter suggested just working on cheap, simple stuff that gives me satisfaction and taking a little sail up the bay and anchoring there for a few days to shake off the stagnation. I guess this is what he has found works. We shall see.....
In the meantime, I am sitting below and the wind is whistling through the rigging, making the boat toss its head to and fro. Nice. Perhaps I will take a nap, then get working on more things on my endless list!

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